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Aluminium Louvered Roof

Pinela Deluxe

The convertible effect in your garden

Would you like to have an open space above your terrace in no time? With the push of a button, you can open the roof panels of the Pinela Deluxe and create a convertible effect in your garden.

In the open position, the pergola offers maximum light. At the same time, in a closed position the Pinela Deluxe protects against various weather conditions and offers you a shady spot on sunny days. Rain or shine, you will experience the ultimate outdoor living feeling.

With the Pinela Deluxe you can create an outdoor space that offers protection against all types of weather. When you open the synchronously moving panels, a large space is created above your terrace. When closing, the panels simultaneously press on the gaskets of the side profiles providing optimal protection.

Pinela Deluxe
Automatic operation

You can control the roof of the pergola with one push on the remote control of the Somfy system.

Effortless drainage

The water on the panels is led to the gutter and then drained effortlessly.

Pinela Deluxe gazebo
Optimal light

When the panels are fully opened, you will experience optimal light.

Pinela Deluxe pergola

The panels close with a synchronous movement on the side profiles, which guarantees optimum protection.


Colours: RAL7024
Panels: The panels are retractable to create an open space above your terrace. The panels of the Pinela Deluxe and the optional LED lighting can be controlled with the supplied SOMFY remote control.
Applications: Can be installed both as a wall model and freestanding
Width (mm): 3000 / 3500 / 4000
Depth (mm): 3014 / 3571 / 4128 / 4964 / 6078


Optional: LED lighting strip
Optional: Deponti glass sliding walls

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Pinela Deluxe Pergola